我々もその「母」と呼ばれる誰かから「愛の精神」を注がれ育ったのですから。[:en]The mind that we value is ” The spirit of love”. and what is ” The spirit of love”…

Some our customer ask me ” who is your best chef ?”

I think …our best chef is “MOTHER”. Because MOTHER cook everyday. and they are not same foods everyday. MOTHER have to  think about menu every time. Almost people don’t wanna eat same foods everyday right?  Think about nutrition for keep health. Think about store to buy foodstuff as cheap as possible for Household cost.

Why The MOTHERs do so ??? They couldn’t get money from their cooking.

Why The MOTHERs keep goin to cook ???


The answer is  LOVE, yes ” The spirit of love”. You know The MOTHERs love you.

Love  makes you smiley , Happy , and Love makes foods more tasty.


We never forget this mind. Who do you cook for ? Were they satisfied ? Is our food delicious?


Our job is not cooking. Our job is making good foods.


For future, we ( you ) will make some foods for your kids like a ( our ) MOTHER.

and then we will remember about  ” The spirit of love”.

Because  The MOTHER did so for us.


Thank you